I'm excited to bring to you my talk with Amy Heavin, Principal of Ryan Park Elementary in Angola, Indiana.  Among other things, Amy and I talk about what professional learning looks like at her school and how she's working to push both herself and her staff.  She can be found @amyheavin on Twitter and her blog is @


Jared Wastler is an ASCD Emerging Leader and Maryland's Assistant Principal of the Year for 2014.  He can be found at  In this episode we talk about his success, and I have to admire how he always brings it back to the great things happening where he is at Liberty High School.  

Tune in next week for my talk with Assistant Principal Laura Ferrell, who also happens to be an ASCD Emerging Leader for 2014.  She can be found  @LFedtech on Twitter.  Among other things, we discover that we're currently reading the same book, "How Children Succeed" by Paul Tough.  

As we wrap up Connected Educator Month, I was lucky to connect with Innovation Coordinator and Pure Genius author Don Wettrick.  We talk about his unique job and elective course that truly empowers students to embrace their passions and ideas.  I'm a little biased, but I was very inspired by our conversation and I hope you are too. 


In this episode of Principally Speaking, I have the honor of speaking to 7th grade dynamic teacher Pernille Ripp.  After you listen to the episode, set aside some time and check out her awesome blog and resources over at   She also developed the amazing Global Read Aloud Project and EdCamp MadWI.  Finally, she is an author of 2 books and currently working on a 3rd.  I highly recommend you check out her latest from Corwin, Empowered Schools, Empowered Students.