Back to the Classroom and the Superhero Physics Podcast!

If you've listened to Episode 60, you know that I recently went back to teaching science at the high school level after being an administrator for 3 and a half years.  I'm currently teaching Physical Science and Biomedical Science at Carroll High School and I love it.  I'm not sure where my career will lead me in the future, but I'm fortunate to be a great school with amazing students and staff.  It hasn't taken long for me to be reignited by my passion to work with kids.  Carroll High School has over 2300 students, and I work in the freshman center.  It's great to be back in the trenches and feel like I'm really making an impact with students who have connected to me so quickly.  

When I was at the bookstore recently, I decided to pick up this gem by James Kakalios:



My physical science students will be preparing to start a new project very soon in which they work with a partner.  One of the students will interview the other as if they are a superhero, such as Superman or Iron Man.  The superhero will talk about how they bend the laws of Physics with their abilities.  I hope that this will become a full-fledged classroom podcast on iTunes like my regular show.  I'm excited to see how the students do with it.  If it goes well, I plan on them also doing an episode inspired by Michio Kaku's Physics of the Impossible.  Stay tuned for updates!