creating a new class is a blast

My friend Andy and I are pumped.  We're working on a new class for the fall titled Advanced Topics in History and Modern Science: The Past, Present, and the Future. I know, it's a lengthy title.  But it's going to be epic.  Andy continues to challenge me with awesome ideas that are spinning in my head as I type this.  

I was inspired to start my own class a few years back before jumping into admin and can't wait to have something else brand new again.  It was also really inspiring to talk to Don Wettrick about his Innovations class on my podcast back in the day.  It's still one of my favorite episodes that I ever did.  You can listen here:

If somehow you're in education and you don't follow Don and how he's leading the movement for innovation in schools head to StartedUp Innovation.  

"OK so Don rocks.  That's all well and good.  What is your new class about?" 

I'm so glad you asked. 

Here's the course description:

      The goal of this course will be to develop an understanding of how societies have evolved through scientific discovery while diving deeper into the driving question “What will be the goal of future humans?”

      Themes may include but are not limited to the information age of 1970 through the present.  Utilizing a team-teaching approach, this course will focus on using current events and real world source material outside of traditional lesson plans and textbooks.  Students will engage in the material through readings, discussions, and projects that push their thinking further.   Advanced Topics of History and Modern Science: The Past, Present, and the Future aims to be a truly unique and thought-provoking course designed  to push students to think outside-the-box and make connections from the classroom to the real world.  

So although we have major topics that we're going to frame a good part of the class around topics like transportation, artificial intelligence, and medicine, students will help drive where we go. 

Here's a link to our brainstorming Google Doc for the course.  I'd love to hear your comments or suggestions below. 

We'll be using all sorts of materials to help support the course, like Michio Kaku's The Future of Humanity which came in the mail yesterday. 

Stay tuned for further updates on this project.  Hopefully I can convince Andy to be my co-host for a new podcast where we chronicle our journey.  Ya know, because I don't have enough projects already.  :)