OK Go, Wintergatan & Cymatics: Math, Science, & The Design Process

I love music and take pride in "finding" bands that people don't know about, often from all over the world.  OK Go isn't from somewhere interesting like Iceland or Brazil.  They're from Chicago.  And they're not exactly undiscovered or totally under the radar.   Nevertheless, they've brought back the magic of music videos something fierce since MTV lost its way several years ago.  When I decided I was going to write a blog post about their videos, I knew I would have some tough decisions when deciding which video or videos I wanted to include.  It's not easy to choose.  

We've all heard of Rube-Goldberg machines and probably seen some videos on them.  Ok Go went all out on their video for "This Too Shall Pass."  If nothing else, one has to recognize the amazing amount of creativity and time that had to go into just this one video, which has now understandably amassed over 59 million views.  Also, if you teach physical science at either the middle or high school level, it could lead to awesome discussion about changes in energy as well as different types of machines.  

This follow-up video that they made really gets into the core of trial and error and the design process:  

OK Go recently released a video for a song called The One Moment.  

This follow-up gets into the math and algebra that had to go into the design process for the video.  Math classes are bound to be engaged.  

If you haven't seen this amazing marble machine that makes music, check this out:

And one more...

How could you use these videos in the classroom?  Not only are they engaging, but they definitely could lead to some awesome discussion.