Check Out This Good Music Or: I Embrace My Music Snobbiness

I've been to a ridiculous number of concerts.  I love finding new music and sharing it with others, including my students.  I'm one of those people that rarely listens to the radio.  I'll say it out loud.  I'm a music snob.  

I recently inherited an old antique record player that was my grandfather's and started buying vinyl like it was going out of style.  I knew that once I started it would be difficult to stop, but unfortunately the record player is currently broken, and that at least will help my bank account some.    

Here are who I've been listening to a lot of lately if you're looking for good new music.  [I warned you and told you I was a music snob.]

TesseracT - Progressive Rock / England

Olafur Arnalds - Instrumental Classical / Iceland

Sigur Ros - Otherworldly Post-Rock / Iceland 

We Lost the Sea - Instrumental Rock / Australia

Oh Hiroshima - Post-Rock / Sweden

This Will Destroy You - Instrumental Rock / USA

If These Trees Could Talk - Instrumental Rock / USA


You can tell I love finding music from places all around the world.  I'm excited to see TesseracT again in May and Olafur Arnalds in June, both in Chicago.  One of the bands above that I'm not sure if I'll ever get to see is We Lost the Sea since they're from Australia and don't typically tour here.  They unfortunately lost their lead singer to suicide in 2013.  After this tragedy, they didn't know what the next step for their band would be.  They decided to march forward as an instrumental band, and their album Departure Songs is simply amazing.  You can check them out above if you never have.  There is a story behind each of the five songs on the album, as they're each dedicated to someone or a group of people who passed away, culminating with a two song dedication to the Challenger explosion that incorporates the speech that Reagan made the day of the explosion in 1986.  It's simply amazing.

If you've discovered any amazing music lately that's typically under the radar or you'd like to share with concerts you're going to, please feel free to share who it might be in the comments below.  You can see which concerts I'm going to under my Events on this website.  Thank you!