I need to go to BGA (Board Gamers Anonymous)

So, I was at a friend's house a few weeks ago, and after we played the usual Texas Hold 'em, he busted out a copy of this game:

If you've never played Ultimate Werewolf, I know what you're thinking.  Really?  A game about werewolves?  I promise, it's amazing.  My friends and I played until 1:30 AM.   It's a simple card game that goes fast and includes some fun arguing and strategy.  

Ultimate Werewolf opened the floodgates.  So far, over the past few weeks I've bought these games on Amazon (in addition to the Werewolf game of course):


In addition, I've backed these seven games on Kickstarter [so far].  I've put them in order of how excited I am to receive these when they're released:

  1. U-Boot
  2. Nemesis
  3. Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star
  4. Pandorum
  5. Tank Chess
  6. Deja-Vu: Fragments of Memory
  7. Warpgate

Several of the games I've bought  are space-related since a friend and I are working on our own game involving exoplanets and the future.   I started a board game club at school.  I bought an IKEA shelving unit to house all these games at school.  My Chemistry kids are designing a chemistry-themed board game.  [I'll talk more about this in a separate blog when it's completed.]  I'm listening to the Board Game Design Lab Podcast.  I'm constantly on the Board Game Geek website, known as the site for all serious board gamers.   I'm heading to the GenCon Gaming Conference in August.  I'm starting a board game night at my house.  You get the picture.  It's a bit out of hand.  

Are you into board games or maybe even designing a game too?  Do you have any games you love to play?  It'd be great to hear from you in the comments.  Thanks for reading!