I am a high school science teacher in Northern Indiana.  I have an awesome four year old daughter named Adelynn and a very supportive girlfriend named Ashley.     

After teaching for nine years, I decided to get into administration.  During that time, I developed a podcast called Principally Speaking.  Although I'm no longer publishing episodes for this, I learned a great deal from this experience and hope you'll check it out if you're also an educator.  

I recently returned to the classroom and love it, currently teaching AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Chemistry II and Physics.  I'm very excited because next year I will be team teaching a new course entitled Advanced Topics in History and Modern Science: The Past, Present, and Future with my friend Andy Bigelow. The central goal of this course will be to help students see history more as integrated connected themes instead of just dates and to then use this background to generate predictions for the future. Andy and I are developing a new podcast to discuss this project.

I'm very excited about a book and podcast project I'm working on about my grandfather that survived the Holocaust.  The project is entitled My Name Was No More.  You can listen to me talk to him below.  

I will be traveling to Poland and Germany this summer in order to do further research and visit the concentration camps my grandfather was in.  I learned a lot about how to effectively use Kickstarter through this process.  If you backed me there, thank you so much!  

I'm also currently working on a board game project with a central theme revolving around discovering real exoplanets. Stay tuned!

Thank you very much for coming to my site.  If we haven't already, I'd love to connect via my social media links below.  

Take care!

- jason